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How to request your website URL is indexed by Google's search engine

Thu, 06 Apr 2023 by garethbrown

A basic step in the SEO process for a webpage is making sure it is available for indexing and that search engines know about it. The biggest search engine is Google, and here is how you ensure that the Google Search crawler can find your content.

You'll need to register your site on the Google Search Console first of all. This will require a Google account and the means to verify ownership of the domain. There are several means of doing this, including adding a special TXT DNS record to your nameservers or adding metatags to your site HTML.

Once you have done this, add the URL you would like crawled into the search bar.

Google Search Console crawl request submit URL

Google Search Console will report on whether the URL is indexed, along with whether it considers the page is mobile friendly.

Google Search Console crawl request submit URL

This will take a minute or two to run.

Google Search Console crawl request indexing

After which you will see a button that allows you to request indexing.

Google Search Console crawl request in progress

Click the 'Request Indexing' button. As the response will show, there is no point in making multiple requests.

Google Search Console crawl request completed

And that's the process completed. Within a few days you should expect to see your page in Googles search results, depending on the query you use to search.

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