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Apple 2022 MacBook Pro laptop with M2 - A Review

Wed, 01 Mar 2023 by garethbrown


The Apple 2022 MacBook Pro laptop with M2 chip is a powerful and portable device that offers excellent performance and battery life. It comes with a choice of the new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, which have 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU and up to 24GB of unified memory. The laptop also features a 13-inch Retina display, a Touch Bar, a Magic Keyboard, a Force Touch trackpad and four Thunderbolt ports2.

The laptop has received mostly positive reviews from critics and users who praised its speed, efficiency, design and display quality. However, some drawbacks include the high price tag, the lack of a new design compared to previous models, the limited port selection and the potential competition from the new MacBook Air.

Overall, the Apple 2022 MacBook Pro is a solid upgrade for professionals who need a reliable and fast machine for their work or creative projects. However, it may not be worth it for casual users who can find similar features and performance in cheaper or newer alternatives.

Key Features

  • The M2 chip itself, which offers faster performance, better graphics and longer battery life than the previous M1 chip. It also has a 16-core Neural Engine for advanced machine learning tasks.
  • The 13-inch Retina display, which has a high resolution, bright colors and wide viewing angles. It also supports True Tone technology, which adjusts the color temperature according to the ambient light.
  • The Touch Bar, which is a touch-sensitive strip above the keyboard that adapts to different apps and functions. It can be customized to show shortcuts, controls and widgets that suit your preferences1.
  • The Magic Keyboard, which has a scissor mechanism that provides a comfortable and responsive typing experience. It also has a Touch ID sensor for secure login and payments.
  • The Force Touch trackpad, which is large and smooth and can detect different levels of pressure for more precise gestures and commands.

The Competition

  • The Dell XPS 13 (2022), which is a Windows laptop that has a sleek design, a high-quality display, a long battery life and a 13th-generation Intel processor. However, it may not match the performance or efficiency of the M2 chip.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro 14, which is another Windows laptop that has a dynamic AMOLED display, a fast charging feature and a 13th-generation Intel processor. However, it may also lag behind the M2 chip in terms of speed or battery life.

Design Goals

Based on the feature set, I believe that core design goals for the MacBook Pro M2 may have been:

  • To offer a faster performance, better graphics and longer battery life than the previous M1 chip1. The M2 chip has an 8-core CPU and a 10-core GPU that can handle various tasks smoothly and efficiently23.
  • To provide a balance between power and portability for users who need a powerful laptop but don’t need the extra features or weight of the MacBook Pro 14-inch or 16-inch models2. The MacBook Pro 13-inch with the M2 chip is lighter, thinner and cheaper than its larger counterparts24.

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