The Clean Coder (Robert C. Martin) Book Review

Mon, 27 Feb 2023 11:27 UTC by garethbrown2

The Clean Coder is a book about software engineering professionalism. In this book "Uncle Bob" (Robert C. Martin) recounts key events from his software engineering career, helping to illustrate experiences that are common to many professionals in the software engineering space.

I was impressed by the authors humility and willingness to describe both the highs and lows of his career, including mistakes made along with some successes. The lessons covered in this book are told through story much of the time, which helps to make them more relatable. Not every software engineer has competent mentors to look to thoughout their career. This book serves as a such a mentor, giving the reader the confidence that they are not alone in their experiences and arms them with a set of principles that they can apply to common scenarios that they'll find throughout their career.

The book is not heavy on tools and technology, and while there is section on Uncle Bob's development tooling and set up which is a little dated, much of the information in this book dates well, as applicable in modern software development as it was in decades past.

I would highly recommend this short book to any software developer looking to gain confidence in how to deal with day to day software challenges improve their professionalism.

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