The Most Inspiring Paintings on Google Ambient Mode (Opinion)

Mon, 01 Feb 2021 16:26 UTC by garethbrown

These are the most inspiring paintings I've noticed to date on Google Home's Ambient mode, and a little bit of my thoughts and some further information on each

Spring frost - Elioth Gruner

Title: Spring frost
Creator: Elioth Gruner
Date: 1919

It was the light shining through the fur on the cows belly that caught my attention in this piece, but everywhere you look in this painting the light (and absence of) is incredible.


Elioth Gruner - Spring frost

Passagem de Humaitá - Victor Meirelles

Title: Estudo para "Passagem de Humaitá"
Creator: Victor Meirelles
Date: 1886

This painting evokes a real sense of forboding, but also warmth (despite the amount of blue / grey colour) and adventure. My eye is drawn to the fire on the right, which to me gives a sense of camping outside while on a journey to where an event is to occur. The boat also gives a sense of direction and travel and it's the heavy weather that I think gives the sense of impending action.

From Wikipedia:

The Passage of Humaitá (Portuguese: Passagem de Humaitá) was an operation of riverine warfare during the Paraguayan War − the most lethal in South American history


Passagem de Humaitá - Victor Meirelles

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