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You can use the command line to install atom packages

	$ apm install python-debugger language-python


Open command pallete and search 'config' to edit ~/.atom/config.cson file.

Command Pallete

Keyboard shortcut: C-S-p


For package installation then type 'install package'. select Install Packages and Themes.

Search for the package you need:

Keyboard shortcuts


Close Tab


Open project folder


Find file (with project open)


Find / Replace

Find in current file


Find in Project


Can also add filename filters

Multiline select

Alt-Shift-DownArrow (Linux / GNU)

Replace Tabs with Spaces (and Spaces with Tabs)

Atom has a built-in tool for this.\

Activate the command palette (ShiftCmdP on Mac, CtrlShiftP on Windows/Linux) and search for "convert space" or "convert tab". You should find these three commands are available:

Whitespace: Convert Spaces to Tabs
Whitespace: Convert Tabs to Spaces
Whitespace: Convert All Tabs to Spaces

Useful Packages

Column selection

For column text selection.

Can then use Alt + left mouse click to drag select columns

Find List

Shows find results as list

Markdown Preview (Core)

For previewing rendered markdown (Installed by default)

Keyboard shortcut: C-S-m to render preview.

Find and Replace (Core)

For RegEx find and replace, put () brackets around each section of text to replace and then use 12 to reinsert the captures along with any other text characters in the replace operation. The below image shows syntax for retaining the captures along with a space.


Project Manager

Allows you to save and open projects

For all commands (save project etc)

C-S-p > Project Manager

List projects



Check 'Always Open In Same Window' to prevent it from opening a new instance of atom each time.

Projects save location:

Use 'Edit Projects' command to find


Split Diff

Diff tool in atom, works well with projects. Can 'diff with active file' in tab headers and in the prject menu to get a side by side diff.

Checking Key Bindings

If the keybinding you're using isn't working as expected, you can check your keybindings by using shortcut open the Key Binding Resolver

Package Location

Windows: <\user>.atom\packages

Can remove packages by deleting from folders.

General Settings

Open command pallete and search settings.

Select 'Settings View: Open'

Package Settings

Use C-S-p to open command pallete.

Search 'packages'

Select 'View Installed Packages'

Search for your package.

Click settings

Open With Atom (Context Menu)

Open Settings and click on System. You’ll see checkboxes for 'Show in file context menus' and 'Show in folder context menus'


Open command pallete.

Settings View: Change Themes

One Dark for UI and Syntax (Dark)
One Light for UI and Syntax (Light)

Making Atom Faster

Trouble Shooting


General proxy settings

Find setting: Core > Use Proxy Settings When calling APM

If getting error unable to verify first certificate (Due to network proxy)

In terminal (tested in Windows 2019/09/25) run the following

apm config set strict-ssl false

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