Alternative to Notion

Mon, 03 Aug 2020 07:59 UTC by AppSoftware

Key differentiators between Notion and AppSoftware Journals


Notion does not support encryption of notes. It is understood at the time of writing that content added to Notion is viewable by Notions employees and contractors. Users requiring enhanced protection for their information, for example IT workers and developers needing to store sensitive system information need information stored in an encrypted form.

AppSoftware Journals has an Encrypted Journal type, which allows you to create Journals with an encryption key that is known only to you. For more information see Encrypted Journals

Organisation of Public Notes

Notion supports making notes public on the web. Unlike AppSoftware Journals, Notion does not appear to retain the tree structure organisation of notes or breadcrumb as AppSoftware does. AppSoftware's public notes organisation makes it simple to create wikis and documentation from your notes, while retaining the ability to neep some notes in the same section private.

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