Alternative to One Note

Mon, 03 Aug 2020 07:51 UTC by AppSoftware

Key differentiators between OneNote and AppSoftware Journals


When you work and take notes between different computers, synchronization of notes is important. OneNote stores notes in sections. When you make a change to a note, it is the section that is synced to the server. Once sections become large, this system becomes inefficient and can sometimes cause sections to become unsyncable. AppSoftware Journals syncs each change in each individual note as you make changes, so the syncronization process is light weight and fast.

Markdown Support

AppSoftware Journals supports editing entries in Markdown, while OneNote uses it's own proprietary format. This makes content from AppSoftware Journals easier to copy to other editors and software.

Pubish to Web

In OneNote, notes are just notes. AppSoftware Journals facilitates making notes public and preserves the tree structure organisation of notes making it easy to create Journals as wikis, documentation and guides with full breadcrumb and side bar navigation.

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