Editing Entries

Thu, 09 Jan 2020 08:52 UTC by AppSoftware


Entries are edited in markdown, a simple text formatting markup language. Rather than provide a heavy weight text editor, we have opted to only provide a markdown editor with preview functionality.

Markdown is quick to get used to, and we think you'll love the simplicity of our editor once you've got some basic markdown syntax under your belt.

A good place to get started is our markdown cheatsheet.

HTML Preview

The HTML preview will scroll with the markdown editor so you'll always have the correct preview text in view for the markdown text you are editing.

Keyboard shortcuts

The editor has some keyboard shortcuts you may find useful while editing:

Ctrl + Shift + M - Switch to markdown only view
Ctrl + Shift + S - Switch to split view
Ctrl + Shift + S - Switch to HTML preview only view

Entry settings

On the Entry Settings tab you can modify attributes of the entry such as:

Entry date

This will change the date for the entry displayed in the editor and the date as output on entries made public where this applies.

Make entry public

Only available in Public Enabled journals, you have the ability to make the entry public. This will make the entry publicly viewable on the web and will be submitted for search engine indexing.

Journal files

You can display images and link to files using Journal Files, which can be uploaded and managed on the Journal Entries tab.

Where Journal Files are images, they can be modified to change their display size by adding parameters to the URL.

Note that Journal Files cannot be linked to directly from anywhere other than the AppSoftware Journals web application due to restrictions replaced on the referrer. Journal Files is not intended to be a file sharing platform, however you can copy links from other services (such as Dropbox) into your markdown where this restriction won't apply.

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