Alternate Image and File Hosting / Sharing

Sun, 05 Jan 2020 11:59 UTC by AppSoftware

Our Journal Files feature does have some limitations around the maximum file sizes that you can upload, and the maximum about of data that can be stored based on your plan.

If an alternative is required, you can use other services to host images:

ShareX (Windows)

ShareX is a great service which facilitates both image and file sharing and helps to manage the uploading and obtaining of URLs from several image and cloud file services (such as Dropbox, below). Where your cloud file service supports generating public links that can be used to link to content from your entries, ShareX will generate the correct URL for you.

ScreenCloud (Windows / Linux / Mac)

ScreenCloud provides the same essential functionality as ShareX but is also cross platform so it can run on Linux / Mac as well as Windows.


Imgur is a service for sharing images publicly. If you need to share images with more privacy controls, or need to share other file types, you may want to consider Dropbox or a a similar service (possibly in conjunction with ShareX).

Dropbox (Direct)

Dropbox allows you to share files directly from their service. URLs can be modified according to the desired behaviour.

If you share and copy the link from your dropbox client you will get a URL as below. If you paste this link into your browser, you will see the file hosted on the dropbox web app.

If you want to link to an image directly, you can add replace the www subdomain with dl to get a direct link.

You could then display this as an image using markdown like so:


Or in an HTML image like so:

<img src="" alt="example" />

Finally, if you want to force a file to be downloaded rather than displayed in the users browser, you can replace the dl=0 with dl=1 in the URL query.

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