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Wed, 18 Dec 2019 18:08 UTC by AppSoftware

Note that Journal Files cannot be linked to directly from anywhere other than the AppSoftware Journals web application due to restrictions replaced on the referrer. Journal Files is not intended to be a file sharing platform, however you can copy links from other services into your markdown where this restriction won't apply.

You can upload any type of file as a Journal File provided that it is within size limits.


Where Journal Files are images, they can be modified to change their display size by adding parameters to the URL.

Max width

You can set the max width so that your image will be resized proportionally so that it's width does not exceed the specified maximum width.

Add max-width=<value> to the query string for the image URL:

The unit for max-width is pixels.

Example (markdown)



Max height

You can set the max height in the same way.

Add max-height=<value> to the query string for the image URL:

The unit for max-height is pixels.

Example (markdown)




You can reduce the quality of the image for faster page loads by using the quality parameter:

Add quality=<value> to the query string for the image URL:

The value for quality should be between 1 and 90.

Example (markdown)



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