Managing Journals, Sections and Entries

Fri, 13 Dec 2019 09:14 UTC by AppSoftware


Keep related entries within sections. Entries can be arranged in a tree structure under sections.

Ordering entries within sections

You can order entries in within sections, creating new enties as siblings of other entries or as childeren of other entries in the section. You can change the parent of an entry (along with its childeren) by dragging the entry title in the entry tree structure to the left of the entry user interface.

Note that this feature only works on desktop browsers.

Change entry order

To change the order of entries in the tree structure, drag them under another entry under the same parent, or under a different parent. When dragging to position under another entry you will see a grey line appear in the position that the entry will be placed.

Change entry parent

To make an entry a child of another, drag it onto the new parent entry title in the entry tree structure.

To place an entry at the root of the tree structure, drag it so that it is ordered under another top level entry.

Creating, deleting and renaming sections

Use the section dropdown on the entry edit screen to create, delete and rename sections. Note that deleting a section will delete all associated URLs. For public entries, renaming sections will change URLs, but existing links will not be broken.

Creating, deleting and renaming sections

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