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AppSoftware Journals

Lightweight notes and publishing, anywhere

Our goals

AppSoftware Journals is an efficient, flexible journalling, note taking and publishing platform with support for zero knowledge encrypted areas.


AppSoftware Journals aims to use open formats wherever possible based on web technologies. Our service is web browser accessible to ensure your notes are as portable as possible. Speed is a priority feature so your notes feel lightweight and quick to edit. We facilitate maximum privacy by offering a zero knowledge encrypted journal feature.

Key features

  • Edit entries in markdown (preview as you type).
  • Make entries publicly accessible at the push of a switch (applies to Public Enabled journals only).
  • A powerful search capability for finding your entries quickly.
  • Manage entries in Journals, Sections and organise Entries in a flexible tree structure.
  • Zero knowledge encryption for encrypted journals.
  • Attach any file type.


We wanted a solution to having too much information in too many places, in too many formats.

Many other note taking apps are limited to the platforms that they run on or are heavy weight and difficult to use. Some only run on specific operating systems and can require special configuration to set up synchronising between devices. Also, sharing information with the world usually requires duplicating your information on a blogging platform.

We wanted a notes, journalling and blogging platform, all in one application that could be used anywhere, one with the facility to publish information on the web where we choose to.

This lightweight web based application is our solution to this problem.

AppSoftware Journals is well suited to both shortform and longform notes and documentation.

Funding the project

The project is free to use with limits, and is funded by our subscription plans and advertising on public entries (where they do not have a subscription).

You can see our free and subscription plans here.

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