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Introduction (Incomplete)

Fri, 29 Nov 2019 16:05 UTC

AppSoftware Journals

Our goals

AppSoftware Journals service is an efficient, flexible journalling, note taking and publishing platform with support for zero knowledge encrypted areas.


AppSoftware Journals aims to use open formats wherever possible based on web technologies. Our service is web browser accessible to ensure your notes are as portable as possible. Speed is a priority feature so your notes feel light weight and easy to edit. We facilitate maximum privacy by offering a zero knowledge encrypted journal feature.

Key features

  • Edit entries in markdown (preview as you type).
  • Make entries publicly accessible at the push of a switch (applies to Controlled journals only).
  • Powerful fast search for finding your entries quickly.
  • Manage entries in Journals, Sections and organise in a flexible tree structure within sections.
  • Zero knowledge encryption for encrypted journals.

Why we started this project

We wanted a solution to too much information in too many places, in too many formats.

OneNote is great for organising notes, but has syncing issues when sections get large. It also have no facility to make notes public. Accessing notes on Linux systems was also a bug bear. The OneNote web offering can feel heavy and much harder to navigate than its Windows desktop counterpart. The format of notes is not portable and while very capable, can feel overwhelming.

Google Drive is great for file storage, but not for organising notes in hierarchies.

Google Keep is great for quick notes, but nothing in long form.

Blogging platforms are great for communicating your message, but this is often a duplication of your private notes, and they don't make organising your information in hierarchies or searching notes particularly easy.

The list goes on, and many of these platforms share some of the same issues.

While these platforms certainly have features that AppSoftware Journals does not, we think we have the essentials put together in such a way as to make an easy to use, compelling product, with some unique features that you will not find on other platforms.

Funding the project

The project is free to use with limits, and is funded by our subscription plans and advertising on public our users make public (where they do not have a subscription)

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