Notes, journalling and blogging all in one place

Journals by AppSoftware lets you create journals for note taking, private secure journalling and public blogging

Sections, entries and file management enable you to organise your journalling and note taking productively. Use the simple markdown text format to create entries quickly with minimal fuss. 'Zero knowledge' encryption keys help you to keep secure information in encrypted journals where required, while the ability to make entries public allows you to turn your notes into blog entries at the click of a button.

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Markdown editingMarkdown editingMarkdown editing
Hierarchical entries organisationHierarchical entries organisationHierarchical entries organisation
Powerful text searchPowerful text searchPowerful text search
File attachmentsFile attachmentsFile attachments
Max 10MB per fileMax 50MB per fileMax 250MB per file
Max 250MB total storageMax 10GB total storageMax 100GB total storage
Unlimited journalsUnlimited journalsUnlimited journals
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